You Should Know
This Foundation is 100% expense-free.
All contributions will be used solely for funding students education. No part of any contributions will be used on administrative expenses, advertisements, or anything else. The board of directors will manage ana maintain the foundation from its own resources and out ofit's own pocket. Whatever you donate will go only to educating Palestinian students.

You Will know Where Your Donation Goes .
Donors have access to the foundation's newsletters and web site, but donors and students may at their discretion choose to maintain their anonymity.

How You Can Help
The money you donate will help graduate a student .you can take part in the bullding or the Palestinian future, so do not hesitate to contribute any amount of money to the foundation . benefits are real and your help can make the difference .
Your contributions can be transferred directly to the foundation's account in Canada, and can be paid to the treasurer against recepits.

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